About the WWRD

As long as I can remember, I have struggled with finding repeater data world wide.  I traveled extensively for IBM in the 1990’s and I can tell you it was really tough then.  It’s a bit better now with the www and Google, etc., but the data is scattered all over in pockets on the web that is difficult to find, often in foreign languages and geo coded with grid squares if at all.  All this made it hard to find repeaters anywhere on earth you were.  Difficult to use paper and CDRom directories exist, but are obsolete before they are even printed.  Enter the World Wide Repeater Directory.

The World Wide Repeater Directory (WWRD as I like to call it) finally gives a central place to find and maintain repeater data for planet Earth.  We crafted it to not only serve web users but to also provide access from GPS enabled converged devices – Smartphones and Tablets.  We opened up our database to applications on any platform and within our first year we already have access from both commercial and open source programs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.  We support most GPS devices, including AVMAP G5/G6, TomTom and Garmin as Points of Interest (POI’s).

Our number one goal was to make it intuitive and easy to use.  I think we achieved that with location lookup. You don’t even need to know coordinates…just pick any place on Earth, like Sydney, The Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, Kuala Lampur, 1313 Mockingbird Lane 71665, etc.  Or just use GPS in your handheld or tablet.  In just moments the repeaters around you or where you are going show up.

Our strong partnership with RT Systems, Inc. provides radio programmers for most popular VHF+ radios access to the WWRD.  No more looking up data in various places, typing up the list or using the menus in your radios which takes a lot of time.  Now in just seconds look up repeater information worldwide and program it into your radio!

Our data is user maintained.  That means that if you seen any inaccuracy in the WWRD data you can make a request to fix it on the spot on Android, iPhone/iPad or on the web.  Don’t worry, we check every request to make sure junk doesn’t end up in the WWRD.  Add Repeaters at any time in the App or by visiting http://add.rfinder.net.  On the web, you don’t have to be a subscriber.  Subscribers can edit machines  at http://web.rfinder.net.  Updates are not in real time.  We check each and every one for accuracy. 

I am W2CYK, Bob, and I have been a ham since 1976.  My Grandfather Art W2LH(SK) was a ham as was my Grandmother Madeleine W2EEO(SK) and my Aunt Sylvia W2GPK/N6VSU(SK).  My Dad Marty K2ACM is a ham.  My son is W2EEO Jesse, one of the world’s few 4th generation hams at 12 years old.  My Technical Assistant Bryan is KC2QNM and our lead programmer, Jesse is KD2BTQ recently got licensed.