The WWRD now supports ircDDB and MOTOTRBO nodes!

For immediate release…
From the shack of W2CYK

In our constant pursuit of supporting all repeaters worldwide, no matter what technology used for repeating, we have added a weekly feed of new ircDDB Dstar nodes and MOTOTRBO nodes. They are designated as (ircDDB) and (TRBO) respectively in the World Wide Repeater Directory. Information about those nodes can now be viewed in the RFinder family of repeater locators on Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Web and GPS POI’s as well as our third party developers RT Systems and CHIRP.

Bring a Friend to The World Wide Repeater Directory (WWRD) Promo still running for details click here

RFinder runs on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android and The World Wide Repeater Directory is also accessible from RTSystems radio programmers and via CHIRP on Windows, Linux and Macintosh with the same user/password you use on handheld devices. Our goal is to have the WWRD accessible from most pervasive platforms. To that end Windows Phone and Symbian versions are in development and slated for release this fall. The web version has been tested and works on Blackberry. RFinder web has downloads for POI’s for TPE and most major GPS’s, including AvMap G5/G6, the GPS for Amateur Radio Operators.

Android Pad format is now in development, look for it in September!